Katya was born on February 27, 1983 in Kyiv, but spent her childhood in, perhaps, the most charismatic city of Ukraine - Lviv, that could not but influence on her taste and aesthetic perception of the world. Basic knowledge of film and television directing she acquired at the Kyiv National Institute of Culture and Arts (KNICaA).


"It is impossible to teach the directing, it can only be learned"... Katya started to work being a student at the leading national TV channel 1 + 1. On the raised money, she done her first course work on a song Björk «I've seen it all». It was this work that opened to Katya the world of Ukrainian music video directing – the participants of Ukrainian rock band Green Grey assessed the video, and in 2004, they ordered Katya shooting of the clip "The sun and the moon".


Katya Tsarik became one of the first who thoroughly dealt with the creation of high-quality music videos in Ukraine. She not only managed to develop her own style, but also add a special aesthetics into each of the works. Katya Tsarik was one of those directors who began to influence the formation of taste in music video directing on the territory of the CIS. High quality of work, creativity and searching of new forms became the characteristic feature of the director.


Katya calls the music videos the little movies, because they have their own history and morality. Tsarik herself develops the video stories synopsis and takes part in every stage of their creation – from picture play to post-production, allowing maintaining a recognizable author's style. Katya herself creates the project ideas, the work with the customers' ready picture plays - is rather the exception than the rule. Up to the date, the portfolio of Katya Tsarik contains more than 200 clips, Ani Lorak, Scriabin, Vera Brezhneva, Zara, SKY, Grigory Leps, Natalia Mogilevskaya, Philip Kirkorov, and many others already worked with Tsarik Produktion.  


Katya Tsarik is regularly invited to work on the setting of performances, shows and television programs. Much work was done for the project "The Voice" (international competition «The Voice» in Ukraine), was developed the concept of staging a show for solo concerts of Ukrainian and Russian artists, were realized the projects «Viva! The Most Beautiful People", "The People's Star ", Junior Eurovision Song Contest, and much more. Katya three times became a director of videos for Eurovision song contest participants: Ani Lorak (Ukraine), Sakis Rouvas (Greece), Sofiko (Georgia). In 2015, the director gained an experience in cooperation with the project «America's got talent» accompanying, advising some of the project participants.


In 2010, Vladimir Zelensky invites Katya Tsarik to do the film series “The Legend”. During 2011-2012 Katya Tsarik works on films "The Legend. Lyudmila Gurchenko", "The Legend. Iosif Kobzon" and "The Legend. Vakhtang Kikabidze". This is the first large-scale work, in which the director acts also as a screenwriter. Thanks to the authors of the project and general producers: Vladimir Zelensky, Sergey Shefiru and Boris Shefiru, the director was able to realize her vision of the project.


In 2011, the film "The Legend. Lyudmila Gurchenko" was aired on TV channels The First (Russia) and Inter (Ukraine). The frankly, colorful and sincere film won the support and recognition of the fans of the genius of the great actress.


Katya takes part in the shootings of social projects. She tries to draw the public attention to important issues such as the problem of adoption, the fight against childhood heart diseases and severe post-revolutionary situation in Ukraine.


Currently, Katya Tsarik is working on the picture play for debut short film, shooting of which is scheduled for April 2016.

Based in L.A.