Lyudmila Gurchenko

In 2011 the producer Vladimir Zelensky, Sergey Shefir and Boris Shefir started creating the series of musical films "I am a legend".

The film was supposed to open: fate, career making, personal life, thoughts and dreams of the people, who inter vivos reached the title of legend.


Katya Tsarik  was invited to the project as the production director and the scriptwriter. This is the first large-scale project in the director's career, which went beyond the format of the music video.

The film "I am a legend" is a compilation of the music and the game story with the narration from the first person. Each loved by the audience song told about the stage of artist’s establishment. Birth, virginity, war, ups and downs, standing on the pedestal were formed in one musical story of the legendary artist.


The first artist invited into the project "I am a legend" has become a great actress and singer Lyudmila Gurchenko.

With the name Gurchenko began a whole epoch, which occupies in the history of the Soviet cinema the symbolic place. Having an impeccable taste, music and actor’s education, a strong character and talent of Lyudmila Gurchenko could become a legend inter vivos. After going through trials, love and jealousy, remaining unbroken, she was able to enter into the history as a great actress of the Soviet cinema.


In 2011 the film went on the air of two leading channels of Russia (the first channel) and Ukraine (Inter). It received a wide response and became a loud discussed event. The separate music episodes of the film have collected millions of views in YouTube. The most recognizable episode of the film was the video for the song of Zemfira "If you want" dedicated to the great actors, who played with Lyudmila Gurchenko in the joint films.


For the film director Katya Tsarik the participation in the project "I am a legend" has become a symbolic step in the carrier development and a significant experience.