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Passion for music, the ability to unite creative people around the idea , deep dive into in the technological component of the process and the search for creative solutions and ideas have helped director Katya Tsarik create the loudest and biggest music shows in Ukraine for the past 5 years.

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Independence Day of UKRAINE

The 30th anniversary.

In 2021 year Katya Tsarik was honoured to direct the show on the 30th anniversary of Independence Day of Ukraine held at the NSC Olympiyskiy.  Tsarik developed the concept of the musical show called "Independence in our DNA". The show was recognised the most ambitious in the 30 years of Ukraine's independence. 

The concert became the largest, most technological and impressive in all of Ukraine's independence. Modern technology, impressive scenery, drone shows, light shows and legendary songs of independence have made this show grand.


The M1 Music Awards are an annual music award launched by M1 TV in 2015. The award is aimed at identifying outstanding achievements in the music industry and recognition of personal contribution to the development of domestic show business. In addition, the M1 Music Awards identifies the best professionals in creating and promoting an audiovisual product. In the five years of its existence, the award has become a real trendsetter in the Ukrainian show business. The ceremony itself and the impressive gala concert are traditionally preceded by a stellar "red walkway", which hosts several hundred domestic celebrities every year. The winners of the award are determined by the number of views of clips on the TV channel.

In 2019, the fifth anniversary award ceremony of the M1MA took place. 

President of Taurus Media Mykola Bagraev and CEO of M1 TV channel Serhiy Pertsev invited Katya Tsarik to become the director of the fifth anniversary award. The show has become the largest since the beginning of the show.

Oleg Vynnyk "Roxolana" show

Oleh Vynnyk is a Ukrainian composer, singer-songwriter and actor. He has performed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

Since 2011 Oleg Vinnik became the most popular Ukrainian singer.

ROXOLANA is the grand world-class show with high-tech lighting and sound, cutting-edge stage design. Such concert shows have not been implemented in Ukraine until today and have raised the bar to the category of world-class stage and director performance. The highlight of the concert production was the transforming stage, first announced in our country. Thanks to the change in the position of the light and screen structures, the viewer was able to see 8 different stage drawings. The scenography was created by director Katya Tsarik together with the Alight company. 

Each number was accompanied by light dramaturgy. For this, 600 dynamic lighting fixtures were used, and the lighting and video design was registered and synchronized with the sound and all the dynamic elements of the scene.

Ukrainian song of the year

"Ukrainian Song of the Year" - Ukrainian National Music Award. Mykhailo Poplavsky became the author of the idea and the general producer of the project. In 2020, Poplavsky and Oleg Vynnyk resumed the award after a two-year break.

The purpose of the flour award is to support Ukrainian authors and singers who preserve national culture. 

Founder of Music Award  Mykhailo Poplavsky has been working with Katya Tsaryk since 2019. The director created the show in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

At the heart of the director's vision is a complex scenography and light show. Stairs screens made the biggest impression on the audience.


     Holos Krainy (in Ukrainian Голос країни; meaning The Voice of the Country) was a Ukrainian reality talent show that premiered on the 1+1 network on 22 May 2011. Holos Krainy is part of the international syndication The Voice based on the reality singing competition launched in the Netherlands as The Voice of Holland, created by Dutch television producer John de Mol. It was the second international adaptation of the programme, after the American version. There is also a children version of the same show, Holos. Dity. Katya Tsarik was invited to the project as the director of music performance of the project “Voice” (the 1st and the 2nd season). And THE VOICE kids.


The Golden Firebird is an annual Ukrainian national music award. The eleventh ceremony will honor the best in Ukrainian music, whose videos received the highest ratings on M2 TV. The Golden Firebird Award Ceremony took place on April 18, 2019 at the National Palace of Ukraine in Kyiv. Mykola Bagrayev, the founder of the award, sees a great mission in supporting Ukrainian song.

Katya was faced with the task of staging the musical numbers of the most popular artists of Ukraine in a brighter and more modern way.

Thanks to the work of the director and her team, the show was created on a high professional level and


Katya Tsaryk has experience in international projects and teams.

In 2013, Kyiv hosted the international song contest Eurovision Junior. It was organised by a team from Germany. Tsarik directed the special performance of the evening for singer Zlata Ognevich.

In 2015 Val Syganevich invited Katya Tsarik to collaboration in the show America’s got talent as the supervisor of the performances of the team “Freckled sky”.


Since 2017, the Inter TV channel launched the production of the project "The coolest".

This is an original talent show featuring talented children. Katya became the director of 5 seasons that were successfully aired on the Inter TV channel.

'The Folk star" The musical talent show on Ukraine TV channel. The principle of the program is the discovery of new musical talents. The participants of the project are ten duets made up of pop stars, as well as as well as performers from the people, selected as a result of the all-Ukrainian casting.Katya Tsarik became the director of the 2nd season in 2010.


The Folk Star 2010

National Olympic Committee

On September 11 2020, the National Palace of Arts "Ukraine" turned into a real Olympic sky for a few hours, where world-class stars, led by the President of the International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach.

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky congratulated the National Olympic Committee on the 30th anniversary of the National Olympic Committee.

The evening was created to honor outstanding athletes of Ukraine.

After the official part, all guests had a bright concert program with the participation of show business stars, which was succinctly combined with video moments of Olympic victories of 30-year history and interesting memories from the stage of outstanding Olympic heroes of those events.

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